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Drake was packing up his office, setting Delirium's psychedelic frogs aside for Karla and trying to decide what to do with his framed autographs from Merlin and Arthur. But the music was still cheery -- today's selection included Abbacadabra.

The door was open.
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Drake had set up camp in the living room, watching over wee Wyatt and baby Chris and Piper's still body. He was so very tempted to make popcorn as he discretely watched Piper's spirit snapping at Cole as he tried to explain to her what was going on.

("I'm not quite sure what's so hard to grasp," Cole said. "Love transcends every plane of existence. All you need to do is believe in it with every fiber of your being and just send it out to Leo.")

Drake beamed. He'd totally taught Cole that. )

[NFB due to distance. Dialogue swiped from "The Seven Year Witch," and altered to remove some of the stupid comments like "Gee, Wyatt's a Whitelighter? With the orbing and the healing we never would've guessed!" God, writers.]
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After shaking down the Book of Shadows failed to produce anything useful on the "finding a Whitelighter turned Elder whose been sent to Earth with his memory erased because the other Elders are douches" front, Drake headed back downstairs with Phoebe and Paige. He already knew what they'd find -- Piper's body sprawled on the stairs -- but he put on his best shocked face.

"Piper?" Phoebe said, stopping as she saw her sister's body.

"Oh my god!" Paige cried.

Well, this can't be good. )
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In accordance with prophecy Cole's plans, Drake had convinced Paige to bring the demon home to meet the family. Piper and Phoebe had been skeptical of his intentions, but Wyatt seemed to like Drake well enough, and the lack of shields going up was a good sign. As was his ability to fondle the Book of shadows. He also got a good meal out of the deal and a hell of a lot of flirting with Phoebe. He could see what Cole saw in her.

The next morning, however, Piper's husband was Leo-napped by the Elders, who wanted to pass judgment on his recent activities in, oh, trying to remake the world. (There'd been a lot of facepalming from Drake when Cole had told him about what the Charmed Ones had done when they teamed up with the Avatars.) Piper fretted, Phoebe threatened to go on strike, and then an Elder came down to inform them that Leo had had his memories erased and was put back on Earth as a mortal so that he could find his destiny.

This didn't go over well, of course. )

[NFB due to distance, dialogue swiped from the episode "The Seven Year Witch."]
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Drake had listened to last night's radio broadcast, so he was more than happy to leave a copy of the list of movies pinned to Deadpool's office door. Then it was off to his office for the day, where he was cranking some music.


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