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Interested in being a TA? Romance 101 wants you. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll get your very own thread in every post.

Comments are screened and I'll RNG Drake's newest minions (if necessary) in Sunday.

ETA: We can haz a winner, but if the class goes over 20 I'll add a second TA to sneak one more person in.
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If I manage to put it up at all. If it doesn't go up, handwave an email from Drake canceling class on account of him being in jail somewhere due to doing something questionable on his bucket list, probably involving public nudity.

I have to leave work in a few minutes and go to the vet to say goodbye to my boy Tristan. I will likely come back sorely in need of distraction, though I don't know if I can manage to be Drake, so class is iffy.

The next few days are going to be rough, so please bear with me.
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As it turns out, I have a second TA position open, so if you're willing to have Drake yell "DANCE FOR ME, PUPPET, DANCE" at you, please ping me here and I'll RNG the applicants shortly. ;)

ETA: I love you all but the RNG rolled a 3. Position filled!
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Just a couple clips I found on YouTube. The second overlaps with the first, which focuses on his first appearance, but the second clip has bits from the other two. They should give you an idea of how zany (tee hee, see what I did there?) Drake is, his thoughts on love, and how he mods other people's clothing. ;)

Snip, snip -- oh, wait, wrong show. )


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