Aug. 26th, 2010

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After making his circuit of the island, Drake shimmered into the library, a place he always felt at home. It was closed for the day, but that was how he wanted. He didn't want anyone else around when made his exit. "Best year of my life," he murmured to himself. It was a statement of fact, not an attempt to reassure himself. He'd spent two hundred years in the Underworld, but from the day he was hatched he was the most undemony demon that ever did demon. He'd venture into the mortal world to explore the libraries and museums and just to watch the people go about their lives. He envied them their love and joy, something a demon could never know. He had a human shape, but not a human heart or a human soul, but still he found humans absolutely fascinating.

Back in the Underworld, he'd been ordered to do all manner of evil acts, including innocents and witches and anyone the Source felt threatened by or wanted out of the way. More than once he'd been threatened with death for refusing to obey, but he'd always found some way to worm out of it, even if it just meant running for his life. He'd latched on to Cole soon after they'd met, intrigued by the half-demon and trying to make sure he remembered that part of him and treasured his human blood. He hadn't been successful in making Cole turn his back on the Underworld, but he'd kept that spark of humanity alive until a pretty little witch could truly ignite the fire.

Of course, it hadn't gone completely well for Cole, and now his friend was trapped in limbo, though he wasn't entirely bound and helpless. And when Cole had come to him with the bargain the Sorcerer was offering, he'd jumped at the chance. Cole didn't trust the Sorcerer, but Drake was more than willing to take the chance. A year of life with a soul, and all he had to do was not use his powers for evil. No problem. He never had, and he never would. And he'd sucked the marrow out of life, just like he told his students, over that year. Fandom had been the perfect place to live those days out.

And now that year was over. He had no regrets, but as cheerful as he was, there was sadness, too. He was going to miss teaching and the friends he had made, and he desperately hoped that wherever he ended up now, he could still check in on them from time to time.

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